martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

La prima Keti

Como la prima Alcira, Keti tiene una especial predisposición a las letras, a la "conversación escrita" que son los e-mails y el chateo via internet; a compartir hallazgos y coincidencias que nos vienen de un tronco común, sembrado en España y esparcido por América desde hace más de 100 años.

Uno de esos hallazgos fue saber que Keti también escribía poemas y relatos y que está "cocinando" un libro desde hace tiempo, como legado espiritual para los suyos. De esas páginas inéditas, estos pensamientos y poemas dedicados al amor de su vida, que definen su espíritu de sempiterna y romántica protagonista de novela rosa.


You took my hand
And marked our initials
In the sand.

Then, I took yours
An engraved your name
In my heart.

It is there, forever.


Sunrises… filled full
With hope and peace!
If I were a sunrise,
I would offer myself to you.


My Love for You

My love for you
has rainbow colors
is fresh and gentle
as the spring breeze

It holds within
sunshine, sunrises,
blue skies, tall mountains,
the stars, the sea.


Feeling Blessed

You touch my spirit,
my inner feelings,
those that have always
lived within me.

I sense your longings,
your deep emotions,
and know the forces
that make you be.

So, Dear, I tell you…
“Thank you for being,
thank you for sharing
your ‘self’ with me.

I love you, I care,
I understand you,
and I am happy
that you love me.”


It is a lovely feeling…
natural, friendly, happy, special.
It is all types and degrees of love;
it is beyond reasoning.

I love you with my mind,
my heart, my body, my spirit.
You are my friend!

We are, at times,
two souls fused into one,
two minds with complete access to each other,
two spirits and bodies in perfect harmony.

Our love is good,
beautiful, and splendorous
for the two of us and in itself.



I was a wild daisy
that dreamed
of becoming a rose.

I became a rose
and wished I were
a wild daisy again.

With you…
I am both,
the wild daisy
and the rose.


I might be here,
You might be there,
But my love for you
Is every where.


I love you then
as you were.
I love you now
as you are.

This is why I know,
My Dearest,
that I will always love you
as you’ll be.


I love you very deeply,
I love you in my sleep.
And then, when I awaken,
I know it was not a dream.


You have listened to my troubles,
You have given me much joy,
You have love me,
I know you care.
In you, Dear,I see God.


To be loved, respected and appreciated
For what I really am
Fills me with infinite gratitude.

Thank you
For loving meAs I am.



You are the waves and the ocean,
I am a shell by the sea.
You will reach me, you‘ll caress me,
but, My Darling, it can’t be.

You are the storm and the lightening,
and I am the abiding tree.
You might brush me, you might sweep me,
yet, My Love, it cannot be.

You are the thoughts and the ideas,
I am the mind that shapes me.
You can touch me, you can move me,
and still, Dear, it can’t be

How good we are for each other;
we must have been meant to meet.
You care for me and I love you,
It’s too bad it cannot be!

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